From Commercial Railing & Fences to Ornate Stairs & Garden Gates, Our team of Iron Works Designers can create Custom Iron Pieces that will add Security & Elegance to your property

The only limits to what we can produce is your imagination!

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DSA/Project Close-Out Support

Raffi’s Metal Designs experience in Public Works will provide assurance that all associated shop drawings and details necessary to obtain DSA closure for work is provided. Additionally, Raffi’s Metal Design will provide DSA required forms and reports in a timely manner.


Each of Raffi’s project teams operate under the regular support and in-depth scrutiny of an experienced President/Project Executive. Such accountability and reporting is focused on key status and performance requirements specific to each project or program. This involvement of management ensures that every client is receiving the requisite level of service and support at ALL levels.

DSA Project Close-Out Support

Project Teams

Raffi’s Metal Design employs trained craftsman iron workers and welders who:

Install metal windows into a buildings masonry or wooden openings. Erect curtain wall and window wall systems that cover the steel or reinforced concrete structure of a building. Install and erect metal stairways, catwalks, gratings, doors, railings, fencing, elevator fronts and building entrances.

In House Resources

Raffis Metal Design has a medium size metal fabrication shop.

We have appropriate equipment such as hydraulic press brakes, plate shears, plate rolls, pinch rolls, plate bending machines, tube benders and several other types of precision metal fabricating machinery to meet all our client needs.

Construction Services
Project / Program Rescue

Construction Managment

Whether a district utilizes the closer control afforded by Multi–Prime Construction Management, a single Contractor, Lease-leaseback or Design Build, Raffi’s Metal Design core team members have helped pioneer and refine the effectiveness of these dynamic delivery methods over the past decade. As a result, we have consistently met required project objectives and constraints.

Project/Program Rescue

When a project or program is experiencing trouble, districts and their legal counsel can rely on Raffi’s Metal Design team to be a productive and objective force in restoring Ornamental Metal projects. Seasoned staff with expertise working with Ornamental and Light Gauge Metal can help with litigation regarding these products.

Why Choose Raffi’s Metal Design?

  • Quality Products

  • Competitive Rates

  • Experienced Staff

  • Exceptional Customer Service

Schools We’ve Provided Services To:

  • Jordan High School Long Beach USD

  • Warren High School Downey USD

  • Temple City High School Temple City USD

  • Baldwin Park High School Baldwin Park USD

  • Santa Monica High School Santa Monica Malibu USD

Top Notch Steel Fencing, Gates & Staircase Railings

Raffi’s Metal Design offers general welding, high quality steel fencing, gates and metal staircases to its’ customers.

Our dedicated professionals understand Iron Works, code requirements and will provide appropriate services to suit client needs.

Our staff has the required skills and expertise to deliver desired solutions, whether the needs are aesthetics, security, structural or safety.

Steel Fencing, Gates & Staircase Railings
Raffi Hanneyan

Raffi Hanneyan – Owner

“Raffi’s Metal Design is an Ornamental Metal fabrication company specializing in Fences, Gates, Railings and Structural Canopies and Stairs.

I would like to emphasize that the residential, commercial, municipal, industrial, and high security fence and gate products are just a small percentage of the huge offerings available to you.

Please contact us for prices on specific designs for Fence and Gate materials. If it can be conceived and designed, we offer it.

Raffi’s Metal Design is a Small Business Enterprise (SBE). It has always been my feeling that great products are only as good as the people you buy them from and the promises kept.”

Raffi Hanneyan